8 powerful women in Alaafin of Oyo’s palace and their duties 


The palace of the Alaafin of Oyo recognizes eight(8) powerful women who carry out some special duties for the monarch and the royal kingdom. Their duties are different from that of the palace chiefs. 

Below are the lists of the woman and their duties:

1. Iya Kere 

Iya Kere is the woman in charge of women affairs in the palace and treasures of the Oyo kingdom which includes the crown. She is the only crown permitted to place crown on the Alaafin’s head. 

She is the mother of all castrated males(The Ilaris) and the Sugudus that bear the mark of each of the Ilaris to ensure protection of Alaafin’s life. 

Iya Kere has full power over the Olosi. She has a direct ownership of resources of Soun(formerly Baale) of Ogbomoso and the Aseyin of Iseyin. 

2. Iya mode

As it is in the tradition that the Obas(Kings) in Yoruba land, most especially the high ranking ones like Alaafin, Ooni, Alake etc. But the case is different here; Iya Mode is the only person Alaafin kneels down to greet, she responded too by kneeling down to the king. 

She is one of the eight priestess in the monarch’s royal family. 

3. Iya Naso 

Iya Naso is in charge of Alaafins spiritual room where he worships Sango. She does the rituals and provides its requirements. 

4. Iya Ọba 

Iya Ọba plays the role of biological mother of the Alaafin. She is always appointed among the ladies in the palace following the death of the queen’s mother.

5. Iya Fin Ku 

As it is a normal practice for king of thunder) Sango) worshippers to devote one of their children to the worship of the god, Iya Fin Ku is charged with the responsibility of fulfilling that for Alaafin. She is also referred to as the Alaafin’s devotee to Sango(Meaning monarch’s Adoshu Sango). 

6. Iya Monari 

The duty of Iya Monari is to strangle any Sango worshipper who has been executed to death. 

7. Iya Lagbon 

Incase the mother of the Aremo(crown prince) died, Iya Lagbon will be promoted to serve as the biological mother of the crown prince. She is so influential in the kingdom. 

8. Are Orite 

Are Orite sees to the needs of the Aláàfin;meals, drinks, arranve9of his room and royal bed neatness of the royal chamber and the likes. She is always by Alaafin’s side to cater for every of his demands.


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