Brief history of Ejigbo


Where is Ejigbo? 

Ejigbo is a Yoruba town in Osun State, South western part of Nigeria. The town is about forty(40)kilometers (aggregate of 25miles) to the capital city of Osun State, Osogbo. 

Who founded Ejigbo? 

Ejigbo was founded by Akinjole Ogiyan(abbreviation of Ogiriniyan; meaning walls are human). The town came into existence some months after the collapse of the old Oyo Empire. 

Akinjole Ogiyan is a descendant of Oduduwa which is the ruling household of Ile Ife. 

Ogiyan together with the founder of Ikire-Ile left Ile-Ife with Oranmiyan(founder of the old Oyo) to establish their own settlements. Ogiyan named Ejigbo after Ejigbo-Mekun, a popular market in Ile Ife.

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He(Ogiyan) was also the primary progenitor of many villages which include Songbe, Osuntedo, Iwata, Olla, Ado ori-oke Ika, ilawo, Inisha Edoro, Isundunrin, Ijimoba, afake, ibogunde, olosinmo to mention a few. 

In 1835, Ejigbo town came under the control of Ibadan when the forces went to assist the people of Osogbo from the Ilorin intruders. 

According to history, it was explained that some soldiers from Ejigbo land helped Ibadan army during the ijaye, jalumi and kiriji wars which started in the year 1860 till 1866.

History also has it that the popular Ibadan warlord, Ajayi Ogboriefon who is the commandant of the Ibadan army was an indigene of Ejigbo. He came from Akala compound. 

Ogboriefon mother, Alagbabi was given birth to by an Ejigbo king.


Oyo State year book of 1981(history of Ejigbo and its kings)

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