Full story of how the Ijebus originated from Sudan


Ijebu land is a Yoruba town located in the South-Central and South western part of Yoruba and Nigeria respectively. The kingdom shares border with Ondo State(East), Epe, Ikorodu and Ejinrin(South), Ibadan(North) and Egba land in the western part. 

There have been many misconceptions about where Ijebu originated from. Some are below. 

1.That,the history of Ijebu in Ogun State started around the fifteenth century. It was founded by Obanta who came from Ile-Ife. 

2. Another history source has it that Ijebu has a close link with the biblical “Jebusites” of Noah which gave birth to the word Omoluabi(meaning, the son which Noah gave birth to). 

3. Another source was of the stance that the history of Ijebu kingdom can be traced to the source of the Yorubas which links Ijebu to Mecca(in Saudi Arabia). Oduduwa, the son of Lamurudu was ejected from Mecca after he had participated in idolatrous things at about 1,500 years ago to settle in Ile-Ife. 

With several misconceptions about where Ijebu kingdom originated from, majority of historians and history books supported that the migration started from Waddai in Sudan. This means that the kingdom has a parallel migration source with other Yoruba towns and cities who believed they came into existence through Oduduwa. 

A former Deputy Prime Minister and the 9th Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Hailermariam Desalegn in one of his publications stated that the most powerful and magical people the Negede Orit (who were the ancient Ethiopian immigrants) met in the East were the Jebus. He also noted in the publication that the Governors of Yemen was appointed by the Negede Orit kings because of the influence, authority and the great powers he possessed.

Awujale of Ijebu land

Another fact which affirmed that the Ijebus migrated into Nigeria from Sudan is the tribal marks that are very common among the Sudanese and has been copied and duplicated all over Yoruba lands which are the “three vertical marks on both cheeks”. 

Other facts are below;

  • Arabic was the dominant language in South Sudan and Ethiopia which is similar to Ijebu language. 
  • A kind of flute which was formerly used by Awujale during any coronation ceremony is still in use in South Sudan and Ethiopia. 
  • The Negede Orit met the Ijebus on the East coast of Southern Sudan around 900BC before queen Sheba and king Solomon(as explained by Hailermariam essay). 
  • The ancestors of the Ijebu people migrated from the ancient kingdom of Owodaiye of Ethiopia into Nigeria. 
  • Ijebu territory shares same culture with Nubia, Tigre/Axum and Punt. 
  • Ijebus share the tribal marks of the Tigrians and Axumites which is the three vertical marks.
  • They shared the funeral rites of the Nubians, Puntites and the Egyptians. Some of the rites include Agemo cult and Erikiran. 
  • The Yorubas living in Nubia territory are very close to the Ijebus in Owo Aiye. 

The Awujale of Ijebu land, Oba(king) Sikiru Kayode Adetona made it known that the Ijebus migrated from Sudan. The monarch said this in 2010 during his 76th birthday ceremony. Click here to read more on PMnews

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