Full story of Osogbo war in 1840


After the Fulani people had taken over the Ilorin kingdom in 1817,the people of the old Oyo Empire were sacked and ordered to leave the territory with immediate effect. Remember, that the Ilorin/Afonja war was between Alimi(who migrated from Sokoto) and Afonja(the then aare ona kakanfo of Yoruba land). The battle was lost to Alimi which resulted to Abdulsalami(Alimi’s son) being the first king in Ilorin. Read more>>>The Afonja vs Fulani war in 1817

The Fulani were not contended with the victory and wished to extend their rulership to some notable towns and villages in the Yoruba land. However, they wanted to captivate the people of Osogbo in 1840;the Fulani laid siege on Osogbo town under the leadership of Ali who was the Balogun of Ilorin. 

On hearing about the siege, the Ataoja(title of Osogbo kings) of Osogbo called for help from Ibadan people because he knew they were  not capable enough to defeat the Fulanis. Ibadan sent down their auxiliaries. Having noticed that the forces sent would not be enough to defeat the Fulanis, more soldiers were sent to Osogbo to help them in combating the oppressors(The Fulanis). Upon all logistics, the Osogbo people alongside the military sent down were defeated by the Ilorins which gave them more authority and influence over the land. 

The Ilorins have now became an enormous threat to Yoruba land. However, the Yorubas planned for a re-attack. 

Balogun Oderinlo sent a fresh large numbers of forces to eliminate the powerful Jammas(group of people) of the Ilorins. Balogun and his forces realized that the battle they are about to face is no joke as things had gone worse than they thought. So, the need to order for more forces. 

The fear of the horses of the Ilorins made them hid their faces for close to twenty(20) days and the attention of Elepo(a brave Ibadan war lord) was needed at the war front.

Balogun Oderinlo reached out to Ibadan so Elepo could be sent down which was eventually did. 

The Ibadan people having known some weak points about the Fulanis suggested that they should attack them in the night as their horses would be sleeping and the Fulanis would not be able to use them. 

It was around 2:am when the Ibadan warriors left their abode to the battleground and was on the look out for anyone who might be a spy for the Ilorins. 

They attacked the Ilorins at midnight and the word Èlò ni owo odò(how much is the ferry fare) was initiated mainly for them to identify their enemies. Anyone who could not say this is nothing but their enemy and might belong to the Fulanis. 

The camp where the Ilorins settled was set on fire and they were all smoked with the gun powder of the Ibadan guns. 

The following people were arrested in the attack;

  • One of Ali(commander of Ilorin forces) son
  • Jimba(Emir’s head slave) 
  • Ajiboko(The Balogun of the Yorubas in Ilorin) 
  • Chief lateju

The commander of the Ilorin forces and Jimba were released while Ajiboko and lateju who were Yourbas were executed for slaying their tribe(Yoruba).

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