History of Ibadan


The history of Ibadan started when it came into being in 1829 when Lagelu who was a local the war-leader(jagun jagun) and the commander of all military officers in the kingdom departed Ile-Ife with some people to settle at a new location known as Eba Odan. 

In Yorubaland, it absolutely was an abomination for girls to appear an Egungun within the eye because the Egunguns were considered to be the dead forefathers who returned to the world every year to bless their progeny. When the news reached Alaafin Sango who was the monarch of the Oyo Empire that a masquerade was mocked and embarrassed at an open marketplace, he instructed with immediate alacrity his military men and warriors to bring down and collapse Eba Odan because they had done something ungodly during the course of building the new city. 

However, Lagelu could not stop the destruction of the Eba Odan. He  and a few of his people survived the attack and fled to a close-by hill for sanctuary. On the Hill they survived by eating oro fruit and snails; later, they cultivated the land and made corn and millets into pap meals called oori or eko, which they ate with roasted snails. They improvised a small amount by using the snail shells to drink the liquefied eko. Ultimately, Lagelu and his people weakened from hill and founded another city called Eba’dan.

The new city instantly grew prosperous and had become a billboard nerve centre. Shortly afterwards, Lagelu died, let alone a politically savvy people and an awfully stable community. 

The Olubadan had a good rapport with the Olowu of Owu and to make their friendship last longer, he offered Olowu his daughter, Nkan to marry.

 Coming from a war campaign someday, the raging Odo Oba (Oba River) wouldn’t allow Olowu and his army to cross until a personality’s sacrifice was performed to appease the angry river. The chosen sacrifice was Nkan. The Olubadan was infuriated at hearing of Nkan’s death; he sent an emissary to tell the Alafin of Oyo another Yoruba monarchs and rulers like Ooni of Ife, Agura of Gbagura, Awujale of Ijebu land and Alake of Egba land.

On hearing about Nkan’s death, the then monarch of Ibadan(Olubadan) sent his military officers alongside the city’s warriors to attack Olowu of Owu for using his daughter as sacrifice to appease the gods.

The Olowu committed suicide to flee being captured by the Ibadan army. The battle shattered the nice Owu kingdom into pieces till today. a number of it remains within the mother town which is that the present Orile-Owu in Osun State, while others are in Ogun State, called Owu Abeokuta and etc.

According to history, some parts of the Ibadan land was dominated by the Egba people. The Egba occupants were forced to go away the town and moved to present-day Abeokuta under the leadership of Sodeke as results of their disloyalty. Ibadan grew into a powerful and sprawling municipality most that by the tip of 1829, Ibadan dominated the Yoruba region militarily, politically and economically. 

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