History of Ogbomoso


Ogbomoso is a large city located in Oyo state, south-western part of Nigeria. It links to both the Northern and Eastern part of the country, Nigeria. 

Ogbomoso was founded in the 17th century by an Ibariba descendant, Ogunlola; a popular and courageous hunter. 

Ogunlola embarked on a hunting journey, he arrived at a very remote area and settled under a tree known as “Ajagbon tree” (which is now beside the Soun palace) where he found worthy. After few months, Esuu(Ogunlola’s wife) and Ogunlola himself settled inside the forest where the Ajagbon tree is and later built their hut for full settlement. 

After the settlement, Ogunlola continued his hunting profession and killed many bush animals as he always do. One fateful day, he perceived and noticed smokes originating from a nearby place. He doubled his courage and approached the location only to discover that it was some hunters from an unknown location carrying out their hunting profession as well. The hunters are four in numbers whose names are; Aale, Orisetolu, Onsile and Akande. 

In the current world, Onsile is now a site known as Ijeru quarters; Aale now a site at Oke-Erin; Orisatolu and Akande are now sites at Isapa and Akande quarters respectively. The four hunters are till today the Baale of their respective quarters. 


Elemoso battles Oyo Ile during the leadership of the Ibaribas while Ogunlola was in captivity waiting for trial. 

The Elemoso really caused a great deals of havoc among the people of the Oyo to the extent that he was feared by the people when at war front. Ogunlola requested Alaafin to let him out of detention to confront the immoral actions flaunted by Elemoso which has caused an extreme hardship and famine in the land. Later, Alaafin granted Ogunlola freedom out of detention. 

Ogunlola was freed and meticulously studied his(Elemoso) tactics, shot him down and beheaded him. He took the butchered head to Alaafin and he was immensely complimented by the monarch. His brave actions got Alaafin impressed which made him to request that Ogunlola should stay with him in his palace but, he declined. 

Ogunlola went back to his settlement in Ajagbon tree. People  passing along the route changed the name of the settlement to Ido Ẹniti ó gbé Ẹlẹ̀mọ́sọ̀. 

The settlement is till today known as “Ogbomoso”

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