History of Omu-Aran

History of Omu-Aran and notable people from Omu-Aran


Omu-Aran is a town located in Irepodun local government area of Kwara state, Nigeria very close to Aran-Orin. 

The history of Omu-Aran can be trace as far back as about five hundred(500) years ago. It is an Igbomina land and the language spoken there is Igbomina or Igbona. 

According to history, there was a time in Ile Ife when there was drought. So as to know the cause if the drought, Ifa oracle was consulted and it pronounced that Ife land was overpopulated and some people need to to excuse the land to avoid the further occurrence of the drought. 

In lieu of this, some princes were selected and instructed to leave the land and migrate to other places. They did as they were instructed and they settled in a place now Omu-Aran in the present day. 

Among the princes who were selected to migrate to other lands is the founder of the present Omu-Aran, Olomu-Aperan. 

Omutoto, one of the wives of the Oba (king) Olofinaiye of the old Ile-Ife gave birth to the Olomu-Aperan. Omu-Aran people predominantly engage in farming works to cater for their needs. Also, basket weaving and blacksmith is among their works. 

Omu-Aran adopted traditional system of government and the title of their monarch is OLOMU.

Omu-Aran houses many schools and colleges, among them is; Landmark University.


  • Late Colonel David Bamigboye, the first military commander and politician
  • Engr. Oyinloye Bisi, former Executive Director of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria(PHCN) 
  • Reverend Dr. Prophet S.A Abidoye, 5th spiritual father of C&S 
  • Late Alhaji Giwa Yusuf Oyinloye
  • Late Alhaji (Chief) Karimu Olawuyi and Alhaji Sunmonu Olawuyi (both brothers)
  • Bishop David Oyedepo  of Living Faith Church Worldwide. 
  • Late Alhaji Salami Aransiola Alabaja
  • Reverend father James Jide Ayanda, Banker and Founder of MHIC
  • Sir Adeboye Ropo, General Coordinator of Omu-Aran People’s Movement (OPM)
  • Chief Lateef Jakande, former Lagos State Governor 
  • Late Alhaji (Chief) Salimonu Ajide-Olaiya Owolewa

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