History of Osogbo land


The history of Osogbo land which is the capital city of Osun State was founded during the period of Oduduwa, and the narration of the history can not be completed without adding the great influences and impacts of the river goddess(known as Oso-Igbo in Yoruba). 

The Oso-Igbo was the Osun river goddess. It is the original founder and progenitor of Osogbo land, and was complimented for several achievements which led to the establishment of Osogbo. She possessed many magical powers and charms and lived in a very attractive environment. 

She(Oso-Igbo) was seen as the goddess that gives fertility who have the ability to heal barren women of their barrennes and heal people of their spiritual problems with the use of her medicinal water which is the Osun river. 

The Osogbo city is known for its Aro(dye) production which led to the popular saying Aro ló ń bẹ l’osogbo l’osogbo fí ń wuni(It’s the dye in Osogbo that makes it attractive to people).

Osogbo is the trade Centre where farming is their major occupation;yams, cassava, maize and tobacco are planted. 

Close to 27 percent of the population engaged in farming works as at 1988. While traders and office workers occupy small percentage of the population. 

Osogbo is the town of the famous and veteran dramatist and playwright, Chief Duro Ladipo. It is also the venue of the yearly Osun-Osogbo festival.

According to history, some hunters from a nearby village moved their family members to a location very close to the Osun river. Laaroye which was the first Ataoja was among the few hunters that moved to the city. 

History also has it that large number of people who fled the Fulani settlement after the collapse of the old Oyo Empire migrated to Osogbo which made its population increase immensely. 

Laaroye abandoned his settlement around the Osun river to Ode-Osogbo after Ifa oracle was consulted. 

Laaroye built his palace at Idi-Osun and Timehin built an Ogun shrine also at Ode-Osogbo. 

The history of Osogbo is majorly on the account and influence of spirits. 

Osogbo is the capital city of Osun State. It also houses Olorunda local government area, igbona 

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