Life story of Gbenga Adeboye `Funwontan’


Oluwagbemiga Elijah Adeboye was born on the 30th of September, 1959 to the family of Pa&Mrs Adeboye in Ode-Omu, Ayedaade local government area of Osun State, Nigeria. 

Gbenga Adeboye started his early life as a very sharp and hyperactive child who was not afraid of being scolded by anybody:he would say his mind no matter what. 

He began showcasing his clowning and singing talents when he was a student at Oranmiyan Memorial  Grammar School in Ile-Ife where he gained an amazing reputation for being the school’s most vibrant clown. According to history, he would deliberately put himself into trouble with the school teachers and use jokes to bail himself out. 

He made his way to Lagos state to pursue and nurture his talents and find means of livelihood. Not long, he started working as a commercial attache with the Nigerian Airports Authority in Lagos. 


The famous clown, Gbenga Adeboye was indeed a professional comedian, master of ceremony, radio presenter, songwriter and orator. He broadcast as a freelance presenter at the Lagos State broadcasting corporation(radio Lagos). It was at the station he was given the alias name “FUNWONTAN” because of his pseudointellectual capacity and talents of carving his own format of presenting his songs and comedies. 

Between the year 1990 and his 2003,he released six(6) albums. The song albums were produced in a way that he sings music in one side and comedy at the other side of a single track. He has played the role of ITU BABA ITA, ALAYE MI GBENGULO and LAISI ABESUPINLE with whom he was famous for. 

Gbenga Adeboye was an exceptional being, among his mysteriousness is; i) he started his education on Wednesday ii) his first trip to the United States of America was on Wednesday iii) his first radio presentation in radio Lagos was on Wednesday also and lots more.

Freelance and Independent Broadcasters’ association of Nigeria (FIBAN) was founded by the comedy guru, Gbenga Adeboye. He died on April 30,2003

Gbenga Adeboye’s other names 

Funwontan, Elijah, Laisi Abesupinle, Abefe, master of oduology, alaye mi gbengulo, Alhaji pastor oluwo, Itu Baba Ita and Jegbentiele.

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