List of all Obas and Emirs in Ilorin Emirate


Ilorin kingdom is a traditional state in the city of Ilorin, Kwara State, North Central of Nigeria. The Ilorin Emirate is immensely dominated by Yoruba people.

The Emirate addresses their monarchs as Emir. It is the Emir that governs and paddle the affairs of the kingdom. Below are the lists of all the Emirs/Obas in the Emirate since inception.

Note: Afonja was the progenitor of the land because he used the location as his military post when he was the Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yoruba land before he accepted Alimi(from Sokoto) as his tenant. So, he is the first Oba in the Emirate. Read the full story here>>>The Afonja vs Fulani war over Ilorin in 1817

  1. Oba Afonja(1817 – 1824)
  2. Abdusalami bn Salih Alimi(1824 – 1842)
  3. Shita dan Salih Alimi(1842 – 1860)
  4. Zubayro bn Abdusalami(1860 – 1868)
  5. Shita Aliyu bn Shita(1868 – 1891)
  6. Moma bn Zubayru(1891 – 1896)
  7. Sulaymanu bn Aliyu(1896 – 1914)
  8. Shuaybu Bawa bn  Zubayru(1915 – 1919)
  9. Abd al-Qadiri bn Shuaybu(1920 – 1959)
  10. Zulkarnayni Gambari bn Muhammadu
  11. Laofe Aiyelabowo (1959 – 1991)
  12. Malam bn Abd al-Qadiri(1992 – 1994)

13. Alhaji Ibrahim Kolapo Sulu Gambari(1995 – till date)

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