List of past Ejigbo kings


Ejigbo is a Yoruba town in Osun State, South western part of Nigeria. The town is about forty(40)kilometers(aggregate of 25miles) to the capital city of Osun State, Osogbo. 

Ejigbo was founded by Akinjole Ogiyan(abbreviation of Ogiriniyan; meaning walls are human). Ogiyan is the title use to address all Ejigbo kings.

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Below is the list of all the past Ogiyan of Ejigbo:

1. Ogiyan  Akinjole (progenitor)

2. Ogiyan Olugbowo

3. Ogiyan Atakoko

4. Ogiyan Orisawijo

5. Ogiyan Taku

6. Ogiyan Osunbiyi

7. Ogiyan Gbaieru

8. Ogiyan Ondoye

9. Ogiyan Atata

10. Ogiyan Osundijo

11. Ogiyan Olukoye

12. Ogiyan Obalamodo

13. Ogiyan Ogbagbatamo Ejigbojo

14. Ogiyan Onoseokun

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15. Ogiyan Osanloro

16. Ogiyan Olomola

17. Ogiyan Okegbalu

18. Ogiyan Oyelayo

19. Ogiyan Merodun

20. Ogiyan Ikuyajolu

21. Ogiyan Mobolaku

22. Ogiyan Oyesosin I

23. Ogiyan Mogbesola I

24. Ogiyan Asani Oyewole

25. Ogiyan Dosunmu

26. Ogiyan Moyepe

27. Ogiyan Bello Oyedemi from 1916 to 1940

28. Ogiyan Oyetunde Mogbesola II (1940-1971)

29. Ogiyan Omowonuola Oyeyode Oyesosin II from 1971 till date.


Oyo State year book of 1981(history of Ejigbo and its kings)

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