Omupo Town: where selling of Pounded yam is forbidden


Omupo is a town located in Ifelodun local government area,, the Eastern part of Kwara state, Nigeria. It is an ancient Igbomina town, which can also be called Omu-Ipo, but generally known as Omupo. 

As it is widely known and believed that every towns and cities in Yoruba land, Africa and the world at large have their DOs and DONTs, which must be strictly adhered to in order to save them from calamities; So as it is in Omupo town, whereby the selling of pounded yam is totally forbidden. 

Though, Public canteens and restaurants can sell other foods like Amala(Yam flour), Eba, Semovita, among others, but pounded yam is not allowed not because of any thing else,but it attracts serious and deadly consequences. 

The monarch of the town, Ọba(King) Yakubu Buhari made some clarifications in an interview with the Vanguard newspaper, that selling of Pounded yam is a taboo in the town. 

Adding that violators will be striked by pestles till such person dies. 

Another amazing fact about the town is that pounded yam can be eaten in people’s respective homes In as much as it not for commercial selling/purchase. 


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