Orompotoniyun, the first and only female Alaafin of Oyo


Orompotoniyun was the first and the last female monarch of Oyo kingdom;indeed a king like no other and has been addressed with the pronoun HE due to her bravery achievements she has recorded during his stay on earth. 

According to history, he was the first person of its kind on earth that successfully performed a transgender surgical operation in 1540  which include; Phalloplasty (construction of private part), mastectomy, chest reconstruction (the shaping of a male-shaped chest), and scrotoplasty. 

After the death of Prince Eguguoju, the next prince whose turn is to become the next Alaafin was prince Ajiboyede, but the fact that he was still young denied him the title. So, the only aged and matured person left in the royal family was princess Orompotoniyun.

However, all the Oyomesis who were in charge of appointment of new Alaafin challenged princess Orompotoniyun’s intention to become the monarch of the kingdom, because they believe a specie who urinate from behind won’t rule them and be in charge of power. So, evil plottings started.

Orompotoniyun in his reactions to the challenges the Oyomesis are plotting made her concluded and would defend her family’s name by all possible means. He won’t want anything that belongs to her family, bloodline, and the royal heritage be brought into the mud. Moreover, Orompoto was with her father during a war that caused them to move to the bariba land where he learnt about the strategy of survival.

Orompoto(as shortly called) called the Oyomesi  chiefs and told them openly that there is no going back as regards her kingship mission and all of them should prepare for her coronation that would take place soonest. But the chiefs were frank and told Orompoto that having a female is a mission that won’t happen. At a point where Orompotoniyun discovered that none of the chiefs were in his support, he however asked them if they would be satisfied if she prove to them that she is a man. 

The treacherous chiefs were happy after Orompoto said this, and they all accepted that she give the proves and the only prove they will accept is for her to go naked. He(Orompotoniyun) accepted and told them to meet at the palace in 7 days for the prove.

The 7th day came, Orompotoniyun mounted the podium to showcase her what she has as prove to the Oyomesi chiefs. 

He removed the cap on his head, removed his Buba(local attire) and everyone there present saw his chest moulded just like male’s. They were all amazed. 

Orompotoniyun went further by removing the trouser she wore. They saw penis accompanied with with two sacked scrotum eggs dangling behind the penis. The Oyomesi chiefs concurred and instantly prostrated and chanted «KABIYESI OOO ”  to the new king, Orompotoniyun. 

He however became the first and only female king of Oyo kingdom. 

He is popularly complimented as Ajiun ar’obo se’te.

Photo source: guardian.ng

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