Story of Kolawole Olawuyi:Nigeria’s renowned investigative journalist


Who is Kolawole Olawuyi?

Williams Inaolaji Olawuyi popularly known as Kolawole Olawuyi was a renowned investigative journalist who relays his information using Yoruba language. The name “Kolawole Olawuyi” is a household name which is known by many people except the indomie generation of today. 

His background 

The late Kolawole Olawuyi was born in Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State, South western Nigeria. He was said to be a very stubborn person right from his tender age;he is always beaten by his parents for leaving house chores behind and go to football field to play football. 

It was at the tender age he had a great passion for journalism which eventually made him a veteran broadcaster. 

His Journalism career 

Due to his passion for journalism, Kolawole Olawuyi had Higher National Diploma(HND) in mass communication at the Polytechnic, Ibadan. 

In 1992, he launched his radio programme titled “Iriri Aye” which was aimed at focusing on stories of human beings and their challenges. 

The programme goes live on Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria(FRCN, radio Nigeria), Ibadan transmitting station for 30 minutes. 

In the late 1990s,Kolawole Olawuyi did a radio programme about a prophet, pastor Okorocha who claimed to perform miracles with black eggs. 

People got to know about the story, many of them warned the investigative journalist not to air and publish the story else, he will be severely punished for doing so. As some criticized him, some other people have interest in exposing the fake prophet who claimed to be performing miracles with black eggs. 

The threat was so immense that the Ibadan radio station had to bring a halt to his programme because of petitions from different bodies and people leveled against the station. This made him leave the station and moved to Ogun State to commence another radio programme which he named “Nnkan nbẹ”.

The death of Kolawole Olawuyi 

When did Kolawole Olawuyi die? 

It was on the 3rd of March, 2007 when the news of the death of the ace broadcaster and the veteran investigative journalist, Kolawole Olawuyi took the airwaves. The death left his family members, friends and his fans in sadness while his antagonists are rejoicing that he is no more. 

He died as a result of an unknown sickness which he had been battling with three months before his death. It was gathered that the sickness was inferred on him as a result of the mysterious programmes he presents.



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