Towns/villages in Akoko land in Ondo State


Akoko land is a territory located in the Northeastern part of Yoruba land. 

Akoko territory occupies the largest local government areas of Ondo State. It has four(4) local governments out of the eighteen(18) in the state. 

The local government areas in akoko land are;

  1. Akoko South East 
  2. Akoko South West 
  3. Akoko North East 
  4. Akoko North West 

The territory has a total population of 815,360 as at 2011.

Adekunle Ajasin University(Ondo State owned) is located in Akungba-Akoko, state specialist hospital is located in Ìkàré-Àkókò and General hospital is in Oba Akoko and lots more. 

The town and villages in the Akoko land are; 

  1. Oka 
  2. Ikare 
  3. Ikun 
  4. Arigidi 
  5. Ogbagi
  6. Oke Agbe 
  7. Ikaram
  8. Ibaram
  9. Iyani
  10. Akungba 
  11. Erusu
  12. Ajowa
  13. Akunu
  14. Gedegede
  15. Isua
  16. Auga
  17. Ikakuma
  18. Supare 
  19. Epinmi
  20. Ipe 
  21. Ifira
  22. Ise
  23. Iboropa
  24. Irun
  25. Iye Afin 
  26. Igashi 
  27. Sosan
  28. Ipesi
  29. Etioro
  30. Ayegunle 
  31. Oyin



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